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NewtGlider is one of the most graphical Newton games, featuring full screen action. Fly your glider through the house collecting bonus items. Avoid or shoot down enemy planes. Play different houses and try to beat your best score. Download the demo now, then buy the full version when you get hooked!

screen shot
Screen shot using NPDS

Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 or 2100
156k free space for application
10-40k free space per house
minimal space for saves


Download Demo Version
This demo is the full game, but only has a small house to play through. Download and pass around to everyone you know!

Download Demo Now - (.sit 71k) (.zip 74k)
Download Demo Parts - (NewtGliderDemo.pkg 309k) (DemoHouse.pkg 7k) (readme.html 2k)

Buy Full Version
*NEW* Updated version includes better spawning, cheat mode and room skipping!
This full version includes a 63 room house, and options to play other houses. Now just $5 for everyone. Other house downloads are free. There may be future free updates with requested features or bug fixes.
Paypal to ($5)

Email for other options

Download Houses
The House - 63 room house included with full version. (.pkg 33k)
BathHouse - Only 20 rooms, but incredibly hard! (.pkg 12k)
*NEW* BatteryHouse - 40 rooms only filled with points. Not hard at all. (.pkg 21k)
*NEW* DatnoidHouse - Big 80 room house with many tricks and pathways. (.pkg 44k)
*NEW* BlodelHaus Complete - Huge 130+ room house, room names in German. (.pkg 67k)
  • BlodelHaus Part 1 (.pkg 22k)
  • BlodelHaus Part 2 (.pkg 22k)
  • BlodelHaus Part 3 (.pkg 22k)
  • BlodelHaus Part 4 (.pkg 7k)
    Elvis House - coming later
    Fishy World - coming later

    *NEW* My house format can be made available to anyone. A really cool program would be a house editor on the Newton, or a converter for GliderPro houses. Email if you are interested in doing this.

    Possible changes for next version:
  • "continue" option when game is over
  • automatic screen layout changing
  • remember high scores
  • many bands on screen

  • Email with bug reports, feature requests, or other questions