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NewtChat is the first Newton chatting program made specifically for AIM. Basic text messaging and buddy list management is all included. A single well organized window gives you quick access to all conversations for tabbed style chatting. Download the demo now, then buy the full version when you get hooked!

login screenshot
Simple login, no complex setup

conversation screenshot
Tabbed style conversations for minimal screen space, access to everything at once
Image editing by Robert Benschop

add buddy screenshot
Add and remove buddies from your buddy list

Screen shot using NPDS

Apple Newton MessagePad OS Version 2.1 (2000, 2100, eMate)
40k free space for application

Download Demo Version
This demo is the full application, but will automatically quit after 5 minutes. Download and pass around to everyone you know!

Download Demo Now - (.pkg 59k)

Download Full Version
This full version has no time limit. Now FREE for everyone. I haven't looked at this in years, no idea if it still works. Source code avail for fixing.

Download Full Version - (.pkg 59k)
Download Source Code - (.pkg 250k)

Possible changes and bug fixes for next version:
  • Fix scrolling
  • View resizing
  • Smiley menu
  • Font preferences
  • Buddy list groups?
  • Other protocols? (MSN/Yahoo)

  • Email with bug reports, feature requests, or other questions