3/7/03 00:22

iThin - The Sofa Laptop

Super thin, 9/16" thick aluminum case
Super light, under 2 pounds
Super quiet, no fans or disk to make noise
Super battery life, 8-10 hours full use

Boots in 2 seconds to login screen
VNC/X11 type connection to desktop
Sensors in lid and case automatically turn on/off
Magnetic lid latches

150-400MHz IBM PPC405LP
32MB Linux (Darwin?) on Flash M-Systems DiskOnChip
12-14" 1024x768 TFT Screen
Flat LiIon Battery

Built-in Airport (Extreme?) on Compact Flash
USB port for mouse?

No hard disk, no cdrom, no graphics chip, no fans, no sounds


battery area = 4.8 x 4.5 x .375 = 8.1 cubic inches = .132 liters ~= 40-50W/h lithium
can be increased by moving keyboard towards screen
can be increased by thinning case to under 1/16"
main board space = 3 x 4.5
side board space = two x .7 x 4.25
top board space = 12 x .5 to .75

First version - first version (13"x10"x0.56"), rounded edges, built in airport

iThin vs FatAss

Second version - added hinge

Third version - added power socket, added battery lights, added symbol

Fourth version - added layout: yellow = batteries, blue = boards

Chip Diagram

Login Screen

Fifth version - do more stuff