2/18/03 5:17 PM

400/600MHz variable G3 750FX
16MB ATI Radeon Mobility (lowest power)
128-512MB PC100 SDRAM on 1" SoDIMM
4-5" VGA (640x480) or HVGA (480x320) screen
10-40GB Toshiba 1.8" drive
Trackpoint for cursor control
Buttons for screen zoom
LiIon battery
Target battery life: 7-8 hours

Built-in Airport Extreme
Firewire port
USB port
Mini VGA port

3rd party parts:
desktop dock
laptop dock
ethernet via usb
usb speakers/headset/headphones

Don't ask about price.....

processor: g3 = IBM 750FX
chipset: pangea
video: ATI Radeon Mobility 7500
audio: tumbler = TLC320AD77C 24bit dac adc
firewire: PHY = TI tsb41ab1 1 port

First version - first case (4x3x1), just firewire and power switch, built in airport extreme

Second version - moved trackpoint, good lighting

Third version exploded - ports moved, added ethernet

Fourth version - longer case (4.5x3x1), added usb and vga, removed ethernet and power, moved trackpoint back

Fifth version - added rocker for screen zoom, added appleish symbol

Sixth version - moved ports yet again, added collapsible stylus (3" closed, 4-5" open), apple symbol = power switch

Seventh version - added power socket, firewire charging will not work

Eighth version - compressed ports to move power to same side, power socket can get larger, resized firewire port inside case

ninth version - check audio i/o port space, MOVE STYLUS TO LEFT SIDE to make room for audio

tenth version - possible board layout, removable battery attachments, internal framing, protective case